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Journal Editor: W. A. Chapman

                                   BOYS WANTING HOMES
A Company of Boys from the Children's' Aid Society of New York City will arrive in
St. James on Friday, September 1, 1882 for the purpose of finding homes with
farmers and others.
" A meeting  for the distribution of the boys will be held at the Court House Hall
at 1:00 o'clock on the day of their arrival.  Those proposing  to take one or more
boys are requested to hand in their names as soon as possible to the following  
gentlemen who have consented to act as the committee, and be at the hall
promptly at the hour named to receive the children." J.S. Aldrich,
T.Veltum, W.A. Chapman.

"The boys will be placed with applicants who have the recommendations of the
committee.  They are expected to remain until they are of age, but should a
removal be necessary, it can be arranged by writing to the agent.
Applicants are expected to treat the children as their own in the matter of
schooling and training."
"Neither is bound by writing, and The Society reserves the right to remove the
child at any time for what may be considered a just cause.  The Society pays all
the expenses attending the transportation of the children from New York,and
desires to place them in homes where they will be, under strictly moral
E. Trott, Agent
Children's Aid Society
No. 19, E. Fourth St. New York

By ED SHANNON                                        Of the Orphan Train
                                                                   in Albert Lea, 1882
Tribune Staff Writer
Part 1 of 2
ALBERT LEA - For 49 homeless, unwanted and orphaned children, the stopping of two passenger trains at a depot in Albert Lea 108 years ago was start of a new phase in their
unhappy lives.
These children had arrived in the then new community on what is still one of the least known aspects of American life - the "Orphan Trains".
The contingent of young children were told by their adult escorts, or chaperons, to leave the train and go inside the depot building, or walk to the community's town hall or courthouse.
Because of advance publicity and preliminary work of local committees, the arrival of the children in a town always resulted in a crowd of curious folks, plus those who wanted quick
additions to their families.  And most of the families that wanted to somehow help the bewildered children with their future lives were from the rural parts of the area.
A short news item in the Freeborn County Standard on Nov 16, 1882, just before the arrival of one of the "Orphan Trains" in Albert Lea said, "The children from the New York Aid Society
will be at the courthouse for distribution tomorrow morning at ten o'clock.  Accompanying them will be several young women who want places in good families.  Also several young
men, including two Germans just from the old country, who want places on farms".
The system used to distribute the children from town to town was simple and crude, but in most cases it worked for both the families and their newly "adopted" additions.  However, for
some folks the method used to display the children resembled a Southern slave auction prior to the Civil War. Such a system would never work under present laws.
After the selection or family matching process was completed, the remaining children were put back on the "orphan train" and taken to another town further along the rail route where
the distribution process would be repeated.  Hopefully, the last child would find a new home.  The escorts or chaperons would return to New York City to start another group of children
off across the nation on another train ride.
The "orphan train" concept originated with the Children's Aid Society.  This nonsectarian organization, which is still very active was founded in 1853 by Charles Loring Bruce to help
orphaned, destitute, unwanted and homeless children of New York City.  The society would arrange rural lodging, homes and industrial schools.  The ideas of "warehousing" the
children in the institutions called orphanages was rejected.  Instead, the society pioneered in the placement of the children with families in the rural areas of the Midwest through the
"orphan trains".
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Minnesota Historical Society
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 Extra! Extra! The Orphan Trains and Newsboys of New York
Minnesota: Legendary Publications, 2010, Print.

The Sentinel (Martin County) Minnesota, October 13, 1882.

Child   Placed                                                                 Home Placed, City/Township                                           
Andrew Spring  Age 16                                                     John Watson  - Fraser                                                                     
Geo. O'Donnell  Age 14                                                    Geo. Tanner - Fairmont                    
Michele P/Fu-pisek Age 15                                              C.C. Smith - Rolling Green                   
Edward Naber Age 16                                                      Geo. Smith - Fairmont                           
John J. Travis Age 9                                                          Wm. Clark - Fairmont                                 
William Styles Age 13                                                       Alonza B. Hall - Center Creek                                                                                 
William James Hope Age 12                                          Fred Peterson - Fairmont                                                        
Henry Style Age 11                                                            J. W. Moore - Fraser                                                                                                 
K.J. Sui-ille Age 12                                                            R.N. Taylor - Rutland                               
Alice Boyle Age 14                                                             Mrs. Geo. Tanner - Fairmont                                   
Nora Logne Age 14                                                           Mrs. John Tanner - Fairmont                                   
Alice Buckley Age 15                                                         Mrs. Barnett - Westford                                  
Carrie Douglass Age 18                                                  Capt. Weberland - Rolling Green                              
Henrietta Thompson Age 15                                           R.J. McCadden - Rutland
Samuel Dowling  Age 18                                                 H. R. Rouse - Fairmont
E. Ehrmann Age 18                                                           W.G. McCadden - Rutland
J. O'Brien Age 18                                                               Alonzo Hall - Center Creek
J. Lutirell Age 18                                                                G.S. Livermore - Fairmont                                                        
R. Kempton Age 18                                                            R. Boudrve - Fairmont
R. Brown Age 13                                                                John Tanner - Fairmont
E. Corbin Age 18                                                                A. St. John - Welcome
Nelly Kinny Age 13                                                             Byron St. John - Fraser

The Sentinel (Martin County) Minnesota, October 27 1882.
Child Placed                                                                        Home Placed, City/Township

John Rose Age 8                                                                F. Bickel/Rickel - Fairmont
Willie Thompson Age 6                                                     R.W. Thomas - Fairmont
Charles Brown Age 5                                                         Mrs. Mary Curtis - Rolling Green
Freddie Lester Age 4                                                         A.C. Gilbert - Rutland
Robert Reil/Rail Age 5                                                       A.R. Johnson - Rutland
Evelyn McGlynn Age 5                                                        L. S. Parker - Fairmont
Philip Darens Age 7                                                           James Hendry - Fraser
John Briscoe Age 5                                                            E.M. Hyatt - Fairmont
Charles E. Smith Age 7                                                     Mrs. M.E. St. John - Fraser
Jeremiah Shaw Age 4                                                       S.R. Older - Pleasant Prairie
Stephen Firicette Age 15                                                   James German - Fraser
Robert Taylor Age 11                                                          Alvin Woodbury - Pleasant Prairie
Donald Monroe Age 9                                                        R.A. Chambers - Pleasant Prairie
Joseph Lyons Age 6                                                          Charles E. Wood - Tenhassen
Henry Shaffer Age 6                                                            Erza Graham - Tenhassen
Willie Snedicker Age 6                                                       J. R. Watson - Jay
Mary Forti Age 6                                                                   Edward Whelpley - Chain Lake Center
William Reasler Age ?                                                       O.S. Burdick - Chain Lake Center
Charles Haug/Haag Age 18                                              J.H. Smith - Nashville Center
Joseph Burrows Age 18                                                     Orrin Bacon - Nashville Center
Geo. Thompkins Age 6                                                       Joshua Betts - Nashville Center
Eddie Frost Age ?                                                                Thomas Humphries - Fairmont
Edward Zeeler Age 5 or 8                                                  A. St. John - Welcom
Henry Straiton Age 16                                                        J.M Hasse - Faountanelle
Daniel Maby Age 4                                                              Tom Allen - Center Creek                                                       
NEWS -1-
In the late 1880's, the folks of Morrison County met the youngsters from the
trains they wished to foster.  When the train was ready to leave one little boy
remained, a little Negro boy.  John & Clara Roch of St Cloud, MN put in a claim
for Joseph Kabeech, Kabedch, Kabedeh.  Clara loved Joe's kind spirit and
loved him as much as her own children.  Joe got along well with the local
youngsters, but the elders of the city did not take a liking to his color.  One
morning Clara found Joe not in his bed, and his morning chores waiting.... he
was gone and she never found him again.
©St Cloud (Minnesota) Times, July 16, 1873
Minnesota Historical Society
Researched and Composed by: Author, Renee Wendinger ©1989

                                  HOMES FOR THE HOMELESS
On last Saturday Mr. Chas. R. Fry, Agent of the Children's Aid Society of
New York, arrived in this city with eighteen boys for whom homes were
wanted.  They were taken to dinner had been proved by the ladies.  After
this was over with, persons who make applications for a boy made their
selection.  The greatest care was exercised that only those persons at
whose hands good treatment could be expected should be allowed to
have one of them.  The lads were bright, intelligent looking little fellows
and ranged from about six to fourteen years of age.  Everybody was
surprised to find there were more applications than boys.  Mr. Fry says he
never met with so kind and hearty a welcome for the homeless ones
under his charge as was at this place.
The following list of those who took the orphans will show that the boys,
or most of them, got good homes;

Dr. E. Mariatt                                         St. Cloud
Geo. E. Fuller                                       St. Cloud
F.H. Owen                                             St. Cloud
Charles T. Smith                                  St. Cloud
S.J.Shepard                                          St. Cloud
H.J. Fowler                                            St. Cloud
F.M.Shook                                              St. Cloud
B.Overbeck                                            St. Cloud
Rev. E.V. Campbell                              St.Cloud
Ed. Hall                                                   Sauk Rapids
J.D. Hyke                                                Sauk Rapids
H. Caywood                                           Sauk Rapids
Justus Carpenter                                 Sauk Rapids
A. Smith                                                  Sauk Rapids
F.O. Wiley                                               Santiago
Charles Neal                                         Maine Prairie
D.A. Hoyt                                                 Maine Prairie
E. Kidder                                                 Maine Prairie
©St. James (Minnesota) Journal September 9, 1882
Minnesota Historical Society
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                                                                                                           THE ORPHANS
"If any stranger were present at the Court House last week, and witnessed the "rush" for the boys and girls sent out by the Children's Aid Society of New York, they may
readily be excused for thinking that the baby crop, like all others, had fallen short for the past several years.The demand for the children was simply immense.  After seeing
them and inspecting them, the "hankering" became general.  Before their arrival, the number of applicants did not exceed twelve.  Had there been fifty in the company, all
would probably have been taken. The disappointed ones will be forced to continue childless until the arrival of the next batch, which will be in about 5 weeks.
The company already settled in this section, arrived in St James on Friday noon of last week, in care of E. Trott, Agent of The Children's Aid Society.  Headed by the editor of
The Journal, the procession moved upon the court house, Messrs. Veltum and Aldriff bringing up the rear and preventing any flank movement on the part of the town urchins.  
Shortly after reaching the destination, the needy and curious began to flock in, and the hall was soon filled. After a few touching remarks by Mr. Trott, a brief history was given
of each child in the company, when the names of applicants were called and the children turned over to new (and we trust better) masters.  The children ranged from 1 to 20
years, and there were 31 of them, 10 of whom were girls.  The entire afternoon was taken up in making the distribution, and if there is any dissatisfaction over the manner of
the doing so, the committee members are not to blame.  Approximately 20 of the applicants were made after the arrival of the children, and it was impossible to keep the list
straight. Mr Trott says that if a sufficient number of applicants are prepared within the next ten days he will bring another company of children to this place.  Those desiring
one or more of the children should deliver their names at once, or drop a postal card to any one of the committee making their wants known.  The second company will not
be as large as the first.
Children were brought to St James, Watonwan County, Minnesota on September 1, 1882.

Child Placed                                                                                                                        Home Placed
Odelie Schmidt  age 20                                                                                        Mrs. J.W. Palmer, St James, MN
Jennie Schmidt  age 10                                                                                        Mrs. J.W. Palmer, St James, MN
Gertrude Schmidt  age 16                                                                                    Mrs. J.L. Jones, St James, MN
Herbert Schmidt  age 13                                                                                      Joseph Hartung, St James, MN
Harry Schmidt  age 12                                                                                          N. Schnelling, St James, MN
Bettie Smith  age 15                                                                                              Thos. Veltum, St James, MN
Owen Williams age 4                                                                                           Mrs. A. Merigold, St James, MN
Thomas Myer  age 13                                                                                           Barney Smith, St James, MN
Cornelia Wilson  age 7                                                                                         Mrs. C.C. Waste, St James, MN
Jennie Eltensted  age 13                                                                                     John Luff, St James, MN
Charles Rettiche  age 14                                                                                     Mrs. D.C. Atwell, Adrian Township, MN
John N. Daly  age 13                                                                                             B.A. Town, Antrim Township, MN
Lillie Harris  age 10                                                                                               B.A. Town, Antrim Township, MN
Joseph Goodison  age 15                                                                                   Mr. Porter, Nelson Township, MN
Robert Parker  age 11                                                                                          W.D. Forsythe, Nelson Township, MN   
Raphael Millard  age 6                                                                                         M. Bradford, Riverdale Township, MN
Maggie Stephens  age 9                                                                                      M. Bradford, Riverdale Township, MN
Lewis Newberger  age 12                                                                                   D. Pedvin, Riverdale Township, MN
Frank Morris  age 10
                                                                                            N.A. Melick, Riverdale Township, MN
John Hale  age 11                                                                                                 N.J. Grogan, Riverdale Twinship, MN
Marie Gargona  age 13                                                                                        Mrs. M. Donley, South Branch Township, MN
Alfred Keeling  age 15                                                                                          Mrs. M. Donley, South Branch Township, MN
Samuel Keeling  age 13                                                                                      Thomas Marsden, South Branch Township, MN
Oliver Armstrong  age 9                                                                                       John Duar, South Branch Township, MN
Mary Ellen Cain  age 15                                                                                       A.R. Town, Martin County, MN
Louis Dornheim  age 15                                                                                      A.R. Town, Martin County, MN
Bertrand Moore,  age 12                                                                                       A. Catlin, Martin County, MN
Montague Young  age 10                                                                                     Silas Mills, Martin County, MN
George Rothert  age 12                                                                                        John Brennen, Worthington, MN
Mathew Maher  age 4                                                                                             P. Calvin, Sioux City, IA

Bertie, a one-year-old baby was left with Mrs. Harry Smith until the party for whom he was destined arrives.  He has recovered from a spell of sickness and is now in good
health.  Mrs. Smith has become attached to the little fellow and thinks strongly of keeping him.

The following parties must call on J.S. Aldritt, and will be given possession of baggage belonging to their charges:   A. Catlin, W.D. Forsythe, A.R. Town,
B.A. Town, Thos. Marsden, and M. Donley.

News summary notes:
Just one month later (October, 1882) the Children's Aid Society was investigating a report that one of the boys, 15 years of age, had been picked up in Buffalo, New York.  He
alleged that the man who took him  home was a drunken brute who had beaten and kicked him as soon as they reached home.  
The boy was speeding his way to New York where his mother lived.
Whatever the truth of the matter, Editor Chapman declared in his Journal on October 27, 1883, "New York children brought to St. James in August of last year have proved
great nuisances."  He stated that most of them had come from "vicious and dissolute" parents.  Only 7 of the 31 were still living in the home where they were originally
placed.  Most of those over 12 years of age either changed from home to home or ran away.  Instead of becoming vagrants within the confines of a city they became
wanderers all over the U.S. at a very early age.
One of the orphans who "made the grade" in Watonwan County was Frank  Morris, a boy of 10 years when he was a passenger on the orphan train to St James.  He was
taken into a farm home and given an education in a rural school plus some additional training at a junior college.  At age 19 he was associated with the first general store
built at Grogan,
©Freeborn County (Minnesota) Standard, November 16, 1882.
Research and Composed by: Author, Renee Wendinger ©1989

                                                                                           BOYS WANTING HOMES
                                                   A company of Boys from The Children's Aid Society of New York City
                                                             Will Arrive in Albert Lea, Minn.  Friday, Nov 17th, 1882

For the purpose of finding HOMES and EMPLOYMENT with Farmers and others.   There will be a meeting held for the distribution of the boys on Friday at 4 o'clock p.m. at the
courthouse.  The purpose in taking one or more is required for bonding in families as soon as possible.

The following  named gentlemen have agreed to act as the "committee."
DR. WEDGE, Int. Revenue Collector
DR BALLARD, Mayor of Albert Lea
C.M. HEWITT, Merchant

The boys will be placed with applicants who have the recommendations of the committee.   They are expected to comply with the terms of the application.  Applicants are expected to
treat the children as their own in the matter of schooling and lodging.   The Society will provide the transportation of the children from New York to the placement of homes where they
will have normal influence.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        James Mathews
                                                                                                                                                                                  Children's Aid Society,  150 E 45th Street, New York, NY
Freeborn County Standard

This notice appeared in the
Freeborn County Standard
to announce the pending
arrival of the second
"orphan train" in Albert Lea
during 1882.Despite the
heading, this group also
included many girls. (The
Tribune thanks Earl Neist
and Litho Printing and
Graphics for reproducing
this old newspaper plate
that was recently found by
Bidney Bergie.)