Mary "Marie" Brady (birth name) Alma Maria Frie (adoptive name) Laing (married surname) (deceased 3/28/1979)
Born September 4, 1912 in Manhattan, NY.     Eleven days after Mary's birth she was taken to the NYFH.  Birth mother Mary Brady (her biological mother
gave her child her name).. 1914 NYFH rider to Freeport, MN to the Herman Frie family.  She was named Alma Mary Frie.
 The Frie family had received
two boys from the NYFH prior to Mary Brady's arrival:  
Joseph Rose (Became Joe Frie) and Giuseppe DiCologero (Became Giuseppe  Frie) Guissepi's
name was changed to Conrad Joseph  Frie.  
Listed Alphabetically by birth name
Joseph Laudwig/Christopher Blesch (birth name) (n.k.a.) Joseph Christopher Pauli (foster/adoptive name) (deceased 1/13/1997)
1899 NYFH rider to Wadena,MN. Born August 29, 1893 at home at 240 West 35th St Manhattan, NY to Joseph Blesch (from Germany)  and Anna Noebus from Austria)   He was baptised in a
chapel of New York Foundling Hospital and was christened Joseph Christopher Blesch.  In 1899 he became the foster child of Gottlieb & Katharina (Pesch) Pauli. They were farmers in Wadena
Minnesota.  He married in 1924,  he and his wife, Pearl, had four children. The Pauli family moved to Choctaw, Oklahoma in the early 1900's.
More details in "Orphan Train Riders, Their Own Stories, Volume 2"
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Riders 1
John Braun (birth name)  Frank  Bruggenthies   (foster/adopted name) (deceased 11/24/1987)
Born 12/8/1894. A 1896 ?.  Mothers biological name  Francis Braun.     NYFH rider to Melrose, MN to the Christian & Bernardine  (Vornbrock)  Bruggenthies family.  He was adopted as an baby or
small child.   On the Bruggenthies family census at the age of 5   He became indentured at 13 years of age (1907).  A girl name Mary also went to the same family.  Married Mary Toenyan in 1918 in
St Rosa, MN.  They had eight children.
Loretta Armstrong (birth name) Gasink (adoptive name) Kochan (married surname) (deceased 9/23/2004)
Loretta was born December 25, 1913. 1915 NYFH rider to Wausau. Wi, then to New Ulm, MN to the  Henry & Louisa Gasink family. Elizabeth Vangil of 423 E 15th St found infant Loretta in the waiting
room of the 239th Street Ferry House in front of Greenpoint Avenue.  Matron L Hayes of the 161st Precinct took Loretta to the City Nurse January 7, 1914.  Emma LaLellish R.G.N. took the infacnt to the
NYFH.  She grew up in a happy home.  Loretta married Leo Kochan of Manitowoc, WI 11/5/1940 in New Ulm, MN.  
John Arsers (birth name) Mildrum (foster/adoptive name) (deceased 5/1941)
John was born 1865 in northern Italy. 1870 CAS Rider he rode an Orphan Train to Riceville, Iowa, to the Orin Mildrum family of Cresco/Riceville, Iowa.  Lived in Minnesota.
Thomas  "Tommy"Braye (birth name) Tommy Feucht (foster/adoptive name) (deceased) 10/8/1954)
1900 NYFH rider to Little Falls, MN  to the Louis & Theresa Feucht family. Tommy was No 26 and was 3 1/2 years old.  The grandmother Barbara Shabel tookin him under her wing.   Other orphans
who arrived that day - Ray Harris to John Dombovys family, Alfred (possibly Harris) to John Hansman family, William Wiens to John Hansman family, Harry (possibly Weins) to John Vorath family,
Tommy Grey to Martin Hesch, then was replaced to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Francis Bouins (birth name)  Francis Wedll (foster/adoptive  name) (deceased at a young age)
Early 1900's NYFH rider, arrived in Elizabeth, the George & Theresa Wedll family.  The Wedll's had 12 children of ther own, but still adopted Francis.
Fred Aberum/Aberman/Aberussi (birth name) Fleuschhacker (foster/adoptive name)
Came after 1896 to the Fleuschhacker family
Francis "Frank" J. Andersen/Anderson (birth name) Applequist (foster/adoptive name)
Came in 1914 CAS Rider to the Simon Applequist Family
Sophia Anderson (birth name) Haskel/Bauer (foster/adoptive name)
1867 CAS  to the Haskell/Bauer family.
George Angus (birth name)
1903 CAS Rider to Charfield/Preston, MN
Anita Appleton (birth name) Gombert (foster/adoptive name)
1915 NYFH Rider, arrived in Mazzeppa, MN.  Received by Patrick & Josephine Gombert family.
Helen Louise Atkins  (birth name) Burdette (foster/adoptive name)
1883  CAS Rider to the Burdette Family in Rushmore, MN.  Received by the Burdette family
Lillie Elizabeth Atkins  (birth name) Burdette (foster/adoptive name)
1883 CAS Rider  to the Burdette family in Rushmore, MN.
Mary D. "Molly" Atkins (birth name)
1883 CAS Rider arrived in Worthington, MN
Lora/Laura Baker (birth name)
1908 CAS Rider to Stephen, MN
Effie May Bennet  (birth name)
1911 CAS Rider to Faribault, MN.  Later returned to New York.
Francis "Frank" Bennett  (birth name) Murray (foster/adoptive name)
1914-1915 CAS to the Murray family to Battle Lake, MN.
Joseph Benoit  (birth name)
1918 or 1919 NYFH rider to Crookston, MN
Louis Bertland (birth name)
1888 CAS rider to Adams, MN.
Wesley Bestel  (birth name) Hirschfield (foster/adoptive name)
CAS Rider arrived in Minneapolis, MN.  Received by Morris & Katie Hirschfield family of Fort Atkinson, IA
Arthur Blick/Block (birth name)Haggerty (foster/adoptive name)
1901CAS rider to Spring Valley,/Grand Meadows, MN to the T.M. Haggety family.
Ann Bock (birth name) Fairbanks (married surname)
1901/1905 CAS rider to Kenyon/Austin, MN
Marie Bock (birth name) Einsman (foster/adoptive name)
1901-1905 CAS riderto Kenyon/Austin, MN to the A.N. Einsman family.
Harry Bolzman (birth name) Kemple (foster/adoptive name)
1901CAS rider to Spring Valley, MN  to the C.E. Kemple family
William "Willie" Bonfield (birth name) Riel (foster/adoptive name)
1901CAS rider to Spring Valley, MN to the Jacob Riel family.  
Joseph Botticker (birth name) Joseph Sovoda /Sowada (foster/adoptive name)  (deceased 2-7-1999 buried in Little Rock, Arkansas_
Born 1/4/1911. 1913 NYFH rider to St Cloud, MN area to  Michael and Anna Sowada..  Joe married Lyda Mae Sovada/Sowada The last name spelling of Sovada is the Polish version which Joe
retained later in his life.    When the Sovada family migrated to the United States in the late 1800's , the spelling was changed to Sowada.   His adoptive parents may have settled in St Wendel or
Holdingford, MN  His adoptive parents lived the majority of their lives on a farm in rural Holdingford, Mn  raising 10 children including Joe.  The farm remains in the Sowada family (3rd generation...
He became known as Joseph Sowada...  
Alice Boyle (birth name) Tanner (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Fairmont, MN to the George Tanner family.
Herbert Bram (birth name) Crislock (foster/adoptie name)
1902 CAS rider to Kenyon/Wanamingo, MN to  the C.R. Crislock family
August Brenison (birth name)
1902 CAS rider to Planview Township/Wabasha County, MN.
Reva Brewster (birth name) Plank (foster/adoptive name) Reider (married surname)
1904 CAS rider to Dodge Center, MN to the Dell Plank family.   Born 1900 Reva was droopped off at the orphanage with a boy supposedly 6 months older than Reva  and not
related to Reva, by a woman who died the next day in the charitable hospital next door.  Allthough she was raised as the child of the Plank family, she was not particulary happy
there.    Her adopted older brother resented her and was unkind.  She was an excellent student and chosen Valedictorian of her high school class., her adoptive parents refused
to believe her and did not come to her graduation  She married shortly after high school to  Mr Reider, the youngest child of an Immigrant Swiss Family.  She raised 4 children
Picture of Reva as a young girl.
Oliver Armstrong (birth name) Duar (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to South Branch Township/Watonwan County, MN to the John Duar family
Albin Avala  (birth name) Thielen (foster/adoptive name)
1917 NYFH Rider to Freeport, MN to the John & Mary Thielen family. Shirley Barthelemy daughter
Kathleen Marie Belt  (birth name)
1898 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN.
Clara Barbara Bergen   (birth name) Clara Crever (foster/adoptive name) Seitz (married surname) (deceased 04/07/1990)
1906 NYFH Rider to St Joseph, MN to the Crever family.   Date of birth 10/20/1899                                      Clara Barbara Bergen as a young girl
Isadore Bergeman/Bergman  (birth name)
1891 CAS  rider to Albert Lea, MN.
,Charles Joseph Billington (birth name)
1886 CAS Rider to Minneapolis, MN.
Blettenberger (birth name) Schumacher (foster/adoptive name)
1886 CAS Rider to Adams, MN to the Schumacher family.
James Boland (birth name) McGillivray (foster/adoptive name)
1901 CAS Rider to LeRoy, Mn to the McGillivray family
John Briscoe (birth name) Hyatt (foster/adoptive family)
1882  CAS Rider to Fairmont, MN to the E.W. Hyatt family.
CAS = Childrens Aid Society
NYFH = New York Foundling Home
NYO = New York Orphan Asylum
We would love to hear from other states as well regarding the names of Orphan Train Riders. Please email any information you may have on a rider to Susan Keaveny
Mark Aberharott (birth name) Meier (foster/adoptive name)
Born in New York, NY April 19,1901. A 1904 NYFH Rider to the Peter & Mary Meier family in Albany, MN (Stearns County)  Peter & Mary arrived at the Albany Railroad
Station in 1904. Mark was known as "Mark Meier" thereafter.  Mark married Katherine "Katie" Masty.  Katie is a Great Aunt of Fr. Greg Masty.  Mark & Katie had seven
children.  Ethel, Bobby, Delores, Duane, Buddy and twins Arlis & Arlene. Mark rode on the same train with
Bernard Lester and were foster children of Peter & Mary
Meier - See
Bernard Lester.  Photos of the tags that were attached to Mark's coat when he arrived in Albany, MN 1904.
Walter Albert Bram (birth name)
Rode train after 1889
Eustace Bozych (foster/adopted name)
Luke Anderson (birth name) Sullivan (foster/adoptive name)
Born January 18, 1884 in New York City. ID# 14199  Admitted to New York Foundling Hospital February 11, 1884  at 3:00 PM.  He was left by his mother (no name give, n.b. ( meaning not baptised)  
His identification number was #14199.  Baptisms Volume #96, baptized by Rev. Meagher on February 11, 1884.  He was sent to Highland, WI (Iowa County) This location shows this is in
Wisconsin,  to the home of John & Ann Sullivan on September 20, 1887.  Recommendation by Rev Thomas Dempsey.  Remarks of annual evaluations through 1905 were all "good"
This list is a small portion of riders that rode the Orphan Train to the Midwest. if you are a descendant or a friend of an orphan train rider and want their name published to our riders list, or
information added or corrected,  please submit the information to  Susan Lehner at
We are always looking for riders and welcome any information that is available to enhance our history.
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Anton Berger  (birth name) Zimmer (foster/adoptive name)    Deceased  6-25-1981
Born May 30, 1911.   1914 (approximate date) NYFH Rider to St Joseph, MN to the John & Agnes Zimmer family   Rode the train with Mary Wilson (foster/adoptive name)  
Zimmer family.  Married Adela C Berger.  They had two children Philip R Berger , born Feb 2, 1949, deceased April 11, 2012, and Anthony Alvin Berger, born December 25,
1951, deceased October 17, 1987.    Anton is buried at Assumption Cemetery in St Cloud, MN, along with his wife Adela and sons Philip
and Anthony Alvin Berger.  The
Zimmers had 3 biological children John, Rosa and Albert....
Frederick & Mel/Melvin Bartel  (birth name?) Edelbrock (foster/adoptive name) Deceased 1965
Born in 1910.  1912/1913 rider to St Cloud, MN  to the Theresa and Mary
Edelbrock,  sisters).  The family that agreed to pick them up in St Cloud did not show up and they were left standing alone.   
These two sisters took the boys home and raised them with their brother Theodore.   Not sure if they were or were not legally adopted.  
Ellen Broderick (birth name)Helen Schuler  (foster/adoptive name) Boesl (married surname)  deceased 12/26/1950
Ellen was born 11/17/1906 in Sloan Hospital, New York City.   She was brought to the NYFH on 11/28/1906 by her mother.   Her mother stated that she was unable to
take proper care of Ellen.  The mother gave only Ellen's name and date of birth.  She gave no personal information  on Ellen's father or mother. Ellen was baptized by
Reverend M.S. Sheehan of St Vincent Ferrer Church of New York City.   Ellen remained with NYFH until 9/30/1908 when she was placed in the foster home of Frank &
Josephine Schuler of Mt. Carmel, ND.   The Schulers were informed about the children at the Foundling Home through information which had been sent by the
Foundling Home to the Catholic churches throughout the Midwest.   Frank & Josephine signed up for two children.   The Schulers drove to Fargo, ND to meet the
train to receive the two children.   Ellen was 1-1/2 years old and a boy, William Thompson was 2 years old...There was a form of identification on the children and the
Schulers were to show some identification.     It was necessary for them to take a picture of the children, wearing the same clothing in which they arrived and sending
to the Foundling Home proving arrival.   Agents would visit the Schulers as well as other families who accepted these children to determine whether the children
were being taken care of properly and provided a good home.   2/10/1911, Ellen & William were indentured by Mr & Mrs Schuler.  At this time Ellen became known as
Helen Schuler and William changed his last name to Schuler.   Later he returned to his former name - Thompson....Helen met Peter J Boesel in the community
where they lived.  Peter was a farmer and they lived on rental farms until the early 1940s when they purchased the farm near Mt Carmel, ND which was home and
remains in the family.  It was said that her parents arranged for them to begin dating by inviting Peter to their home for Sunday dinner.    They were married 6/29/1926  
in Our Lady of Mt Carmel Catholic Church in Mt Carmel, ND.   William was the best man and Frances another adopted daughter was the flower girl at the age of 9....  
The Schulers adopted two more children, another boy & girl  John Kutynzyk & Frances Stepnagel arrived in 1922 the last group to arrive to this area in ND.     Frances
is still living in 1997 and resides in Langdon, ND.   Helen (Ellen) passed away on 12/26/1950 giving birth to her 10th child.  She leaves a legacy of 34 grandchildren
and 38 great grandchildren.
Other riders into this family were William Thompson (1908) John Kutynzk (1922) Frances Stepnagel (1922)
Ellen Broderick (right) Taken day of arrival in
North Dakota.
Mayme Winegar, Baker  (birth name)  Buhr (foster/adoptive name) Georgen/Schleich (married name)
1889 rider to Adams, MN  to John & Mary Brust Buhr
Robert Babcock (birth name) Rooney (foster/adoptive name)  deceased 1951
Born 3/26/1895 in New York City 1897/1900 NYFH rider to Padua/Brooten Minnesota to the Rooney family.   In 1917 he served in WWI.   In 1931 married Clara
Catherine Sullivan and lived in Dakota County,MN  In 1936 his son Delno was born in Dumont, Mn (Traverse County0.    1942 moved Inver Grove Heights, MN
and worked as a farmer.   Died in 1951 and is buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis, MN.   in 1959 his wife Catherine was living in Florida.
Robert is the older child standing on the left of the little girl sitting..
Robert Babcock Rooney is the older
child standing on the left of the little
girl sitting.
Clara Barbara Bergin