Riders 6
Peter Polin (birth name) Engel (foster/adoptive name)
1902 Rider to Stewartville, MN to the Engel family
Michele P/Fu-pisek (birth name) Smith (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Rolling Green Township,Martin County, MN to C C Smith family
Edith Peterson (birth name) Edith Bieganeck (foster/adoptive name) Sister Justina Bieganeck (Secular name) Deceased 7/20/9012
Edith Peterson was born January 16, 1912  in New York City. She was brought to the New York Foundling Home at 3 weeks old.  At 2 years  of age the Orphan Train brought her to Minnesota to be placed
with John & Mary Bieganek of Holdingford Minnesota.  The date was November 29, 1913. When she was 6 years old, her foster mother died and her foster father was unable to care for her, so her older
foster brother and his new bride, Joseph  & Rose Bieganeck, raised her.  In 1929,  at the age of 18 she came to the St Francis Convent in Little Falls, Minnesota, and joined the order a few years later.  
She considered the convent her home, but she counted as family the other orphan train passengers she bonded with at annual reunions.    She knew when she met another orphan that she had met
someone from her family.  Picture of Sister Justina
More details on "Orphan Train Riders, Their Own Stories, Volume 2"  may be purchased from the Orphan Train Heritage Society of America.
Helen Perkins (birth name) Helen Klonowski (foster/foster name) Koscianski (married surname)  Deceased 5/21/2012
Helen Perkins (age 42) surrendered her to the New York City Foundling Hospital on March 18, 1914 at age 6 weeks.  She rode the 1916 NYFH Rider. Helen Koscianski
was born Helen Perkins in Tompkins(ville), New York on February 6, 1914.  Her mother, Miss orphan train to Winona, Minnesota on June 15, 1916 at the age of two years,
4 months.  She was placed in the home of John and Helen Klonowski.  Her parents later had two children, Jeanette and Joseph.  Helen was never legally adopted but
lived with the Klonowskis until she married at the age of 23.  She married Erwin L. Koscianski on June 19, 1937.  They had eight children.  Erwin died in 1996.  Helen still
lives in Winona and has 16 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren.
Helen passed away May 21. 2012 at the age of 98 years.                      
 Helen Perkins, first picture she had taken when she arrived at her new home.
More details on "Orphan Train Riders, Their Own Stories, Volume6" may be purchase from the OrphanTrain Heritage Society of
Robert Parker (birth name) Forsythe (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to  Watonwan County, MN to W D Forsythe family
Joseph Paul Pariot (birth name) Barclay (foster/adoptive name)
1904 NYFH Rider to Hayfield, MN to Barclay family
Robbie Paterson (birth name)
1884 CAS Rider to Jackson, MN
Emelda Pattock (birth name) Rengel (married surname)
1917 Rider to St Cloud, MN
Christine Marion Pearson/Pierson (birth name) Couzens/Collins (foster/adoptive name) Hendrix (married surname)
1913 Rider to Minneapolis, MN to  widow Couzens/who married Collins family.
George O'Donnell (birth name) Tanner (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Fairmont, MN to George Tanner family
Willis O'Neil (birth name)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone, MN
Marion Palmer (birth name) McPeek (foster/adoptive name)
1917 CAS Rider to Magnolia,(township) MN to Clarence McPeek family
Bennie Newman (birth name) Stanton (foster/adoptive name)
1901 CAS Rider to Spring Valley, MN to James Stanton family
Winifred North (birth name) Fink (foster/adoptive name)
1897 CAS Rider to Cold Spring, MN to the Fink family
Patrick O'Brien (birth name)
1898 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN
J O'Brien (birth name) Hall (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Center Creek Township,Martin County,  MN to Alonzo Hall family
James O'Brien (birth name)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone, MN
Valentine O'Day (birth name)
1907 CAS Rider to Winnebago, MN
Fred Neiman (birth name)  and William Neiman (birth name)
1901 CAS Rider to Kenyon, MN
Louis Newberger (birth name) Pedvin (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Riverdale Township, Watonwan County, MN to the D Pedvin family
John Ossian (birth name) Erichson/Erichsen (foster/adoptive name)
1895 rider to Owatonna, taken to the Minnesota Orphanage upon first arrival.  Taken in by the Erickson/Erichsen family
John Peiffer (birth name) Lannin (foster/adoptive name)
1898 rider
Josephine Peiffer (foster/adoptive name) Kennedy (married surname)
1899 NYFH rider to Carl & Mary Pieffer family.
Steven Leonard Nouis (birth name) Schlictings (foster/adoptive name)
1898 CAS rider to Bowlus, MN  to the Schlictings family
Paul Phillips (birth name) Richter (foster/adoptive name) deceased 12/28/1984
1914 NYFH Rider to Wadena, MN to John & Sophie Richter  at 3 years of age   He was indentured to the Rolfes family in the St Cloud area.   Unknown as to why
he did not go the Rolfes family in  Sauk Centre, but the family did not showed up. He was placed back on the train and arrived  in Wadena, Mn where Sophie
Richter, who already had 6 children at home took Paul and brough him home with her.  The girls in the family thought he was a living doll. To the right  is a picture
of what Paul was wearing when he arrived in Wadena.  When Paul was 40 years old he inquired with the New York Foundling about his birth and the information
that Sister Mary Virginia gave him is recorded. There were many people like John & Sophie Richter who changed the lives of many like Paul.
To the right also is a picture of Paul as a teenager and also a young man. ALso a picture of John & Sophie Richter.
© Renee Wendinger and Susan Keaveny Lehner
Dorothy Opal O'Grady  (birth name) Zan (foster/adoptive name) Maduzia (married surname) Deceased 10/26/1981
Born 9/28/1907 to Eileen O'Grady in New York City,NY -left by her mother at a boarding house at the age of 3 months in New York City promising to return for her later, but never did. She was admitted to the
New York Foundling Hospital at the age of months in  1907.  She remained at NYFH until the age of 3 years and in 1910 was sent via Orphan, Train to Bremond, TX.    Take in by John & Margaret Zan family
and was raised on their farm.   She was never formally adopted, but grew up as an indentured person.
She met and married John Bill Maduzia of New Waverly, Texas in 1930 in the Holy Name Catholic Church in Houston, TX and they had 5 children.   
Dorothy passed away on October 26,1988 in Houston,TX                                                                                                                Photo of Dorothy as a young woman
Michael and Walter Nolan (birth name) Brothers Cavanaughs/Baumgartner (foster/adoptive name) (Michael deceased 1993) (Walter deceased 1970?)
Michael born 9/30/1910 born at Misericordia Hospital, Manhattan, NYC.  Walter born 4/12/1908  at Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, NY to Nellie Nolan, born in Brooklyn in 1894 (exact date not known) She was 14 yrs old when she had
Walter, and 16 when she had Michael.    Shortly before given birth to Walter she was taken in by the Brooklyn Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children for her protection. On May 7, 1908 after Walter's birth Nellie and Walter were
transferred to NYFH.   Nellie worked at the NYFH as a servant  or child's nurse. Nellie became pregnant with
Michael on or about New Years day 1910.  Walters fathers name was Warren Anger - husband of Catherine Angers the
woman Nellie was sent to live with in May of 1907 from the New York Catholic Protectory.  Nellie became pregnant with
Walter about two months after being placed in the Anger Home. Birth certificates on both Michael & Walter show
fathers as
UNKNOWN. Nellie herself was at the NYFH until  at least 1915 helping to care for her sons as well as other children at NYFH
11/28/1916, both
Michael and Walter rode the orphan train (about 55 hours)  until they reach Maple Lake, MN at 12:52 PM Thursday 11/30/1916 (Thanksgiving Day)  They were both INDENTURED  to Joseph& Helen Cavanaugh, who
owned a farm in the Maple Lake, MN area.   They lived there for abut 1 year, at which time the NYFH ordered them removed  from this home because of cruel treatment by Mr Cavanaugh.  They were taken to St Joseph's German
Catholic Orphan Asylum in St Paul,MN for their protection.  They both lived there for only 2 or 3 months until March 12, 1918, where they were again
INDENTURED to Henry & Catherine Baumgartner of Osseo, MN.   They lived on the
Baumgartner's farm for the remainder of their childhood..  They were referred to as
Michael & Walter Baumgartner while they lived with Henry & Catherine, however they were never legally adopted by the Baumgartners..   They
returned to using their orginial surname,
Nolan after they left the Baumgartner home as young men.  
Receiving family #1  -  Joseph & Helen Cavanaugh, Maple Lake, MN  November - December 1917.   January 1917 Michael and Walter were removed from the Cavanaugh home by order of Sister Anna Michella of the NYFH, because of
severe abuse by Joseph Cavanaugh.   Michael and Walter were taken to St Joseph's German Catholic Orphan Asylum in St Paul for their protection .
Receiving family #2 -   St Josephy German Catholic Orphan  Asylum, 1458 Randolph St Paul, MN -  January 1917-March 1917.
Receiving family #3 -  Henry & Catherine Baumgartner, Osseo, MN  March 12, 1918.   Michael and Walter lived the remainder of their childhood lives with the Baumgartner's.   Each left the Baumgartner farm when they reached the age
of 21.   There is not indication that either Michael or Walter had any further contact with Henry or Catherine after they left the Baumgartner's farm.
Edward Francis Miller (birth name) Edward Bezdicek (foster/adoptive name)
1917 NYFH Rider to Jackson, MN to Louis Bezdicek family.Edward rode with Mary (Sullivan) Allendorf and the two grew up as adoptive siblings.
Pauline Miller (birth name)
1901 CAS Rider to Kenyon, MN
Gretchen Mittag (birth name)Busch (foster/adoptive name) LaMoure (married surname) (deceased 1999)
Born  3/8/1915.  A 1917 NYFH Rider to Missouri Valley, NE to the Louis & Norine Busch family of Howells, NE.  Lived in Minnesota Married to Al LaMoure.
Mary Moh (birth name) Thelen/Marie Moxal on birth certificate (foster/adoptive name) Marie Roberts (married surname)
1910 Rider to Elrosa, MN to the Jacob & Mary Thelen family. Her birth certificates states maiden name as Marie Moxal   Mary Moh as a young girl tp the right
Donald Monroe (birth name) Chambers (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Pleasant Prairie Township Martin County, MN to the R A Chambers family
Jennie Monroe (birth name) Viola Derusha (foster/adoptive name) Anderson (married surname)
1918 NYFH Rider to Cloquet, MN to the Albin & Mary Derusha family. She became know as Viola Derusha
Bertrand Moore (birth name) Catlin (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Martin County, MN to the A Catlin family
Frank Morris (birth name) Frank Morris (foster/adoptive name) Weber/Melick (foster/adoptive family) (deceased 1/5/1953
Born 7/4/1872   A 1882  CAS Rider to St James, MN to Hugh Weber family, later to N A Melick family.Married Edie May Dodge.  See full Autobiography of Frank Morris  News Page 2
Mamie Mullen (birth name) Kinzer (foster/adoptive name)
1900 Rider to Royalton, MN to the Kinzer family
Christine Murphy (birth name) Christine Kampa (foster/adoptive name) Boggie (married surname )(deceased 1995)
Born 12/25/1911. A 1914 NYFH Rider to St Cloud, MN to Jacob & Mary Kampa
Mary Mulligan (birth name)
1875 CAS  rider to Spring Valley, MN
Louise Murphy (birth name) Louise  Wild (foster/adopted name) Brandeen/Pfundheller (married name) (deceased 6/27/2009)
Louise was born August 7, 1912 in New York City.  She rode the Orphan Train  (NYFH) in 1915 to St Paul, MN. At the age of 7 to Freidrich & Ludwica Wild family. Louise moved to Spooner, Wi with her family.  
She married George Brandeen and had three children.  Her husband George and son DuWayne preceded her in death.  In 1944 she married Robert Pfundheller and had two children  of Oak Creek, MN.  
Louise died  at the age 96 years old                                                                    Louise as a young girl to the right
Madeline Murray (birth name) Mathews (foster/adoptive name)
1899 NYFH Rider to Albany, MN to the Mathews family
Theresa Isabella Myer (birth name)
1915 Rider to Little Falls, MN
Thomas Myer (birth name) Smith (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to St James, MN to Barney Smith family
Edward Naber (birth name) Smith (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Fairmont, MN to George Smith family
Joseph Narsee (birth name)Schmalke(foster/adoptive name) (deceased August 3, 1981)
Born July 14, 1894 in New York City was was adopted by John and Hedwig Schmalke. (see 1900 Census for Buckman Township, Morrison County, Minnesota. A 1894 Rider to Buckman, MN to Schmalke family
Margaret Mary Neider (birth name) Mary Margaret Marx/Marks (foster/adoptive name) Bundy (married surname)
1908 NYFH Rider to Wabasha, MN to Alonzo & Mary Marx/Marks family
Ethel Melville (birth name) Bolles  (foster/adoptive name) Follensbee (married surname)
1903 CAS Rider to Chatfield, MN to William Bo
lles  family
Salvatore Mercurio (birth name) Botta (foster/adoptive name)
Born in March 1914. A 1919 NYFH Rider to John & Rosina Botta family
Adelaide "Addye" Meyer (birth name) Addie Rademaker (foster/adoptive name) Rheinholz/Rheinholz(married surname) (deceased 7/6/1998)
Born 3/12/1908.  A 1908 NYFH Rider to Warroad, MN to the Rademaker family
Rose Meyer (birth name) Meier (foster/adoptive name) Rolfes (married surname)
Rider to Collegeville, MN to the Theodore Meier family
John Meyer (birth name)
1918 rider  (CAS)
Roy Meyer (birth name)
1918 Rider  (CAS)
Leonora O'Brien (birth name) Reh (adoptive/foster name
NYFH Rider to the Reh family... Born November 15, 1909  
Raphel Millard (birth name) Bradford (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS rider to Riverdale Township, Watonwan County, Minnesota to the M Bradford family
Florence McGuire (birth name) Yates (married surname)
1898 CAS Rider to Dodge Center/Winnebago/Wasioja, MN in either 1898, 1907 or 1909.
Margaret McKillop (birth name) Jones (married surname)
1872 CAS Rider to Chatfield, MN. Went to an Episcopalian minister family.
Paul Richter Age 3
Paul as a young man
and teenager
John & Sophie Richter
Mary Moh
Gretchen Mittag
Marie Augustine  McGoldrick (birth name) Ruhr (foster/adoptive name) Lenzmeier (married surname) Deceased
Born August 28, 1898 in NYC.  1904 NYFH Rider to Sioux Falls, SD to Frank & Maria Ruhr family of Kranzburg, SD. Marie married John Lenzmeirer and they
lived in Wahpeton, ND, raising a family of 17 children.  Marie remembers growing up in a haoppy home and experienced joy in meeting her biological mother
in Massachusetts years earlier.  A photograph of her mother came a precious possession.  
One of the founders of OTR of New York Organization (Midwest)
Margaret McGowan (birth name)Sperling (foster/adoptive name) Washtock (married surname) deceased 2/26/2002
Born 12/15/1912.  A 1913 NYFH  Rider to Perham, MN to the Frank & Johanna  Sperling family. Married Leo Washtock 8/29/1933.