Riders 9
Montague Young (birth name) Mills (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to Martin County, MN to the Silas Mills family
William Young (birth name) Myers (foster/adoptive name)
1901 CAS Rider to Kenyon, MN to the Herman Myers family
Emma Wolfe (birth name) Alice Lucina Stickney (foster/adoptive name)
1902-1908 Rider to Lewiston, MN to the Stickney family. She became known as Alice Lucina Stickney
Hanna Wood (birth name)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone, MN
Charles Young (birth name) Myers (foster/adoptive name)
1901 CAS Rider to Kenyon, MN to the Herman Myers family
Osward Wilson (birth name)
1907 CAS Rider to Winnebago, MN
Mayme, Baker/Winegar (birth name) Buhr (foster adoptive name) Goergen/Schleich (married surnames)
April 1889 Rider to Adams, MN to John Nicholas Buhr and his wife Mary Brust Buhr.  See Leo Leveseur - He was also taken in by the Buhr family
-riding the Orphan Train in 1888.
Mayme married Phillip Goergen, then married Andrew Schleich.
Cornelia Wilson (birth name) Waste (foster/adoptive name)
1882 CAS Rider to St James, MN to C C Waste family
Hugh Wilson (birth name)
1907 CAS Rider to Winnebago, MN
Owen Williams (birth name)
1882 CAS Rider to St James, MN to Mrs A Merigold home
Joseph  William Williams (birth name) William Sand (foster/adoptive name) (deceased 4/20/ 1985)
1913 NYFH Rider to St Cloud, MN to Magdalena Sand  (widow) & brother Bernard Brady family. Biological parents Julia (Kane) & William Williams
Born William Williams of Brooklyn, New York on 8/11/1910.  He was placed in the New York Foundling Hospital by his mother at 2 weeks old.  In 1913, at 3 years and 5 months old, he was
placed with Magdalena Sand in St Cloud, Minnesota.  He married Eleanore Ludenia and they had six children.  He worked for the railroad most of his life.  He died  April 20, 1985.  Married
Eleanor Ludenia in 1940. See Emily Repaski - adoptive sister.
Willie Wiggers (birth name) McCorkell (foster/adoptive name)
1914 Rider to the McCorkell family
Clarence Whitman (birth name) Stillman (foster/adoptive name)
1901 CAS Rider to Spring Valley, MN to Benjamin Stillman family
Jennie May White (birth name)
1902  CAS Rider to Dodge Center/ Plainview, MN
Harry White (birth name)
1902 CAS Rider to Dodge Center/Plainview, MN
Alfred White (birth name) Gorney (foster/adoptive name)
Alfred was born July 6, 1896, brought to the NYFH at the age of 2 months.   Arrived at the Gorney home in Winona, MN at the age of 4 on August 25, 1900 and was name Alfred Gorney.
Sadie Wexler (birth name) Oliver (foster/adoptive name)
1907 CAS Rider to Winnebago, MN to George Oliver family
Lena Wexler (birth name) Andrews (foster/adoptive name)
1907 CAS Rider to Winnebago, MN to George Andrews family
George Wexler (birth name) Smith (foster/adoptive name)
1907 CAS Rider to Winnebago, MN to Winfield Smith family
Anna  Wexler (birth name) Jackson (foster/adoptive name)
1907 CAS Rider to Winnebago, MN to Abram Jackson family
William Wiens (birth name) Hansman (foster/adoptive name)
1900 NYFH rider to Little Falls, MN to John Hansman family.
Harry Wiens (birth name) Vorath (foster/adoptive name)
1900 NYFH rider to Little Falls, Mn to the John Vorath family.
Zanzinger, Wellington (birth name) John Wellington Donielson (foster/adoptive name) deceased 12/29/2008
John was born in New York City (Borough of Manhattan) at 209 E 50th Street on April 29, 1917.  His birth name was Anna Helen Zanzinger, who was an unmarried immigrant from Lithuania,
but was ethnically German.  John was her first child, father unknown.  Anna had to work full time to support herself and was unable to take care of John, so she surrendered him to temporary
custody of the New York City Children's Court.  She last visited John in August 1917.  The court scheduled several hearings to determine whether she was still unable to take care of John, but
she did not show up for these hearings.  (she more than likely did not received notice of these hearings,  since she seemed to move frequently during that period.   The courts finally terminated
her parental rights and assigned John to the custody of the New York Nursery and Child's Hospital, (which merged into the Weill Cornell Medical Center), which had already been taking care of
John since June 1917.  At some point, that organization placed John  in foster care with a  New York City family.  In October 1919 when John was 1 1/2 years old, the Children's Aid Society of
New York (CAS) accepted custody of John and put him on a train with eleven other children and two CAS social workers.   John was the third youngest child in the group.   The train went to
Maquoketa, Iowa, and after a good nights sleep, the children were taken to the local Congregational church and displayed  to prospective parents, who were required to be foster parents
initially, with the possibility of adoption in the future.  John was selected by John Frederick Donielson and Mae Bailey Donielson, a married couple who were about 40 years old and had no
children.  They lived on a farm they owned outside of Maquoketa.  They adopted John in October 1922, with the consent of the CAS, and in the adoption proceedings had his name changed
from Wellington Zanzinger to John Wellington Donielson.  They treated him as if he were their own child.    John graduated from either Coe College or Cornell College.   He later went onto
graduate school at the University of Iowa and earned a Master's Degree in American History.    That level of education was rate for an orphan train child.   John Served in the military during
World War II, and worked for Transamerica Corporation for many years.    John is survived by two daughters, two sons-in-law and two grandchildren.   He also had a son who died as a child.
Paul Yurrick/ Juricek (birth name) Pleggenkuhl (foster/adoptive name) deceased 1970
1919 CAS rider, rode the train from New York to Fredericksburg, Iowa (or somewhere close).   He also rode with a boy names
Carl Josephson who ended up in New Hampton, Iowa, but got off
the train at the same place as Paul.   Paul was taken by the Ernest & Ester Pleggenkuhl family who farmed near Fredericksburg and worked for them until the age of 18.   He was treated well
and was always grateful to them for giving him a home.   He married Velvia Rollins of Fredericksburg on June 28, 1931 and moved to Northfield, MN.   In 1948 the family moved to Grand
Rapids, MN and bought a resort.    The orphanage got his name wrong so he kept the name and spelling as Yurrick.  His family (biological) came from Slovak Republic. Another one of his
brothers  changed his to
YORK.  The older brother born in Slovakia had the name of Juricek.  Three brothers had three different last names, but same parents
© Renee Wendinger and Susan Keaveny Lehner
Philip Williams (birth name) Hermann (foster/adoptive name)  deceased 9/28/1918
Philip was an 1899  NYFH rider.  Philip, the son of Thomas and Margaret Williams, was born on December 6, 1891, at Brooklyn, New York.  At
the age of six weeks, Philip was brought to the New York Foundling Hospital, an orphanage, by an unknown woman. In August  1899, Philip
came on an  "orphan Train" to Moorhead.  He then came by horse and buggy to Georgetown, MN.   His first stop was the parish church, St
John's, where he sat on the altar steps in the sanctuary.   Father  Maurice, the pastor, gave custody of the young boy to Lambert Sr. and Angelica
Hermann.  Philip was excited because this was his first "real" home.  Philip was the same age as my "Great-Grandfather, Andrew Alfred.    In
those days money was scarce, and Lambert Sr. and Angelica were not able to afford the $150.00 legal fee necessary to adopt Philip.  Although
never legally adopted, Philip used the name, "Philip Hermann."  Philip spent the next few years of his life at Georgetown.  Parish records indicate
that Philip was confirmed at St. John's Church in Georgetown on June 25, 1911.    World War I broke out, and Philip was drafted into the Army on
May 25, 1918.  He was in Company 41 of the 111th infantry.  The  following is taken from Philip's diary:  
"The day I was drafted was the 25th day
of May, 1918.  Left Moorhead and came to Camp Lewis, Washington on May the 28th and left Camp Lewis June the 18th for California and
got there June 21st to Camp Kerney and left Camp Kerney July 28th for Camp Mills and got there August the 4th and left Mills August the
7th and left August the 8th to sail for England and got there the 20th of August in Liverpool, Winchester, and left Winchester, England
August 24th for France and got in France August 25th and left the boat the 25th for Decise and got there the 27th of August and left again on
September the 15th and got here on September the 17th somewhere in France on some hill ha ha."  
Pvt Philip Hermann III Inf. 28 Div.
Minnesota.  September 29, 1918.   Philip's name is on Angelica Hermann's tombstone in the Wild Rice Cemetery, but Philip is buried in France.
Philip Williams Hermann Military photo and
the Cross where is he buried in France.
Mary Wilson (birth name) Zimmer (foster/adoptive name) Mertes  (married surname)  Deceased
Born abou
t 1912. 1914 NYFH rider to St Joseph, MN   to the John & Zimmer family in St Joseph , MN .   She was never formely adopted.  Mary was born at Harlem Hospital
in New York City and was left at the NYFH in November 1912.  Rode the train along with a boy name
Anton Berger.  Both children went to the Zimmer family in St Joseph,
MN.... Both Anton and Mary were 8 years of age in 1920.  According to the 1920 census both children were adopted.....  The Zimmers had 3 biological children, John, Albert
, and Rosa..
Maude Ellen Williams (birth name) Rikert (foster/adoptive name) Benjamin/Taylor (married surname) deceased 8/17/1986
Maude was born in Kingston, New York 12/17/1904.  to Robert  & Lilly May Banks Williams.
 (They had four children living in Kingston, New York. The three older children, Maude, Daniel and
Rena was dropped off at the Industrial Home in Kingston, NY on 11/7/1911.  The younger child Marion stayed with her parents in New York.  Marion was born 2/17/1910 and passed away
on 10/21/1983 at the age of 72
.   Her married name was Lasher).
Maude rode the orphan train On November 8, 1911.   She was chosen to live with Mr & Mrs Rikert in Clay Center, Kansas.   Mrs Rikert became very ill some months later and the CAS moved
her to live with Mrs & Mrs Pogue in Clay Center, Kansas.   Her brother Daniel was already living with the Pogues.  The Pogues changed her first name to Mary leaving her last name as
Williams.   She was never adopted, so always had the Williams name until she got married at 15 to James Benjamin and moved to Oklahoma.   After having a baby she moved back to live with
Mrs. Pogue.   About 15  years later sher re-married and her name became Maude Ellen Taylor living in Manhattan, Kansas.  Maude passed away at the age of 81 n 8/17/1986...
Daniel Williams (birth name) Pogue (foster/adoptive name)  deceased 12/8/1978
Daniel was born 1/31/1906 in Kingston, New York.   Rode the orphan train  11/8/1911after his father left the three children at the Industrial home  In Kingston, NY .. ( See Maude Ellen
Williams.)  Daniel was chosen to live with Mr & Mrs Pogue in Clay Center, Kansas.   Daniel's first name was changed to John, but his last name remained Williams until he was about 15.   
The Pogues adopted him about the time his sister Maude married.   He became John Pogue.   John passed away 2/8/1978 at the age of 72
Rena Wilma Williams (birth name) Lakeman (foster adoptive name)
Rena was born 10/9/1907 in Kingston, New York.   She rode the orphan train with her sister Maude and brother Daniel November 11/8/1911  (see Maude and Daniel)   She was chosen  by Mr
& Mrs August Lakeman who lived in Clay Center, Kansas.   According to a newspaper article, she was adopted in February 1912 and became Rena Wilma Lakeman.   The Lakemans moved  
to Hutchinson, Kansas about 1919.  Rena was apparently an unhappy child and tried to burn the Lakeman barn down as well as some other encounters with the law.  The family has not been
able to trace her after the barn burning.  Mr & Mrs Lakeman moved to Pennsylvania with their two boys.   Rena did not accompany them.   
Julia Wageronitz (birth name)  Lewis (foster/adoptive name) Christensen (married surname)
NYFH Rider to the Lewis family
Mary Ward (birth name)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone, MN
William H Ward (birth name)
1869 CAS Rider to LeRoy, MN
Charles Watson (birth name) Hardtke (foster/adoptive name)
1907 CAS Rider to Winnebago, MN to William Hardtke family
Oswald Watson (birth name)
1907 CAS Rider to Winnebago, MN
Mary Wehrman (birth name)
Rider to New Munich, MN
Willie Weitzel (birth name) Lewis (foster/adoptive name)
1883 CAS Rider to Pipestone,  MN.  He may have gone to Marian Lewis family
Effie Wells (birth name) Smith/Rice or Dodge (foster/adoptive name)
1883 CAS Rider to Olmstead County, MN to the Smith/Rice/or Dodge families
Hattie Wells (birth name) Smith/Rice or Dodge (foster/adoptive name)
1883 CAS Rider to  Olmstead County, MN to the Smith/Rice/or Dodge families
Antonio Weidman/Weedman (birth name) Anthony Bartishofski (foster/adoptive name)
Born 8/10/1911. Anton & Theresa (Wagner) Weidman from Germany. A 1914 NYFH Rider to Foley, MN to Martin & Helen Bartishofski family
Anna Louise Weaver (birth name)
1899 rider
Frances (Frank) Joseph Wagner (birth name) Wetch (foster/adoptive name) deceased 1991
Born 1902 in New York, rode an Orphan Train in1904-1905 to Solen, ND  His adoptive parents owned a pool hall. Frank grew up in Solen, ND.  He had wonderful adoptive parents.  Frank
grew up knowing his adoptive parents could not have children so they took Frank from the orphan train from New York City.  Frank was a toddler when he rode the train.  On occasion the nuns
from the orphanage in New York City would contact Frank's adopted parents to find out how he was doing.  Frank thought he was the luckiest kid around.  His adoptive parents loved him.  
When Frank was about 8 years old his mother died.  Soon after his father married again.  Frank missed the relationship with his mother.  Frank became very good at pool.   He could clean any
table once it was  his turn to shoot.   Frank was able to  attend business college in Bismarck, ND.  Frank was very ambitious, out-going, great with numbers and loved people.   Frank could
calculate numbers in his head quicker than an adding machine.   Frank made friends everywhere he went.   Frank traveled to New York City to visit the New York Foundling Hospital to try to
obtain more information.  He obtained his birth parents names and nationalities.  The records showed his father had died and his mother was only placing him with the orphanage for a short
time.  The nuns expected her to  come back.   Sadly she didn't come back.  Frank thought he might have siblings but the records didn't show any.  Frank met Agnes Brandel Quirk who had
grown up in a Catholic orphanage in Bismarck, ND.  The mother of Agnes had placed Agnes and her older sister Helen in an orphanage when their father died.   The girls had to stand in line
to be inspected when people came to adopt.  However, they couldn't be adopted since their room and board was paid by their mother.  Sometimes they would go home to visit.  Later their
mother married Mr.Quirk and they moved to Thief River Falls, MN.  As a young adult Agnes went back to Bismarck to live with the nuns and became a surgical nurse.   This is when Frank and
Agnes met.   Frank followed Agnes to Thief River Falls.  Frank and Agnes didn't have a great relationship.  Frank stayed busy to avoid going home.  At one point they had 3 hotels, Frank's Eat
Shop and a couple of other businesses.  Frank's Eat Shop was recognized in Ginnis Book of Records for the most hamburgers in the smallest square footage.  Frank was also one of the first
to make frozen entrees (frozen chili bricks).  Frank and Agnes had a son Gerald and  18 months later a daughter Mary Ann.  The children were very spoiled.  Frank just kept trying to make more
money because there was never enough.  After 17 years there was a divorce and Frank moved to Fargo, ND leaving everything behind.   He got a job with Westinghouse as an accountant.  He
could have done well with the company, but he wanted to be his own boss again.  He started selling Fuller Brush to elevators.  About 1953 Gerald and his family moved to Fargo, ND.  Frank
and Gerald opened the Stop Shop and Swap Pawn Shop.   Frank continued to sell Fuller Brush while Gerald took care of the pawn shop.  Frank started to experiment on creating other items
the elevators could sell.   He invented one of the first wood glues and rat poison.  The business turned into Wetch Chemical Company.  Frank, Gerald and family  all worked and lived together,
doing well financially.  In 1954 they moved Wetch Chemical to Dilworth, MN.  Frank loved to travel and visit people.  He loved to volunteer at the Dilworth Catholic spaghetti dinners twice a year.  
He loved attending church Sunday Morning with his grandchildren and going out for breakfast with a large group of friends.   Frank loved to go dancing and was always the life of the party even
without drinking.  After being divorced about 25 years, Frank decided to marry again.  There were many women interested in Frank.  He was a salesman at heart and did a very good job at
selling himself. Frank married again, but it wasn't a good relationship.  Around the age of 80 Frank;s memory started to go.  He died in 1991 at Rosewood on Broadway in Fargo, ND of
Mary Louise Venere (birth name) Louise Grams (foster/adopted name) Mary Louise  Venere Grams Maile (married surname) (deceased 2000)
Her new family took her in and immediately made her "the daughter" without legal procedure.  But they loved her with all their hearts and so did all their families.
Frances Catherine Vandin (birth name) Frances Cegelske (foster/adoptive name) Murphy (married surname) (deceased 1993)
1917 NYFH Rider to Guckeen, MN to Frank Cegelske family. Born in New York City on July 20, 1914.  She was placed in Catholic Foundling Home in New York and to
Guckeen,/Pleasant Prairie,  MN at the age of 3 by the Orphan Train.  Frances was adopted by Frank and Kate Cegelske.  She married Sylvester Murphy in 1946.  They were farmers and they  
have four children.  Frances died in 1993.
More details in volume  of "Orphan Train Riders, Their Own Stories.  May be purchased from Orphan Train Heritage Societyof America.
William Jennings VanSlyke (birth name)
1898 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN
Charles Vetter (birth name) Brown (foster/adoptive name)
1905 CAS Rider to Dodge Center, MN to the Frank Brown family
Ophelia Mary Verzi  (birth name)Hoefling (foster/adoptive name) Gleason (married surname) (Deceased May 13, 1988)
Born May 14, 1896. A NYFH rider in 1899 to Georgetown, MN.  My first recollection is of sitting in the hallway and seeing a lady in the room across from me feeding a child..  The next is
someone carrying me - it seems to have been a railway station.   At first, I lived with Mrs Riel who must have lived in  Felton, MN and later moved to Georgetown.  She had two sons, Clifton and
George and also had a roomer - Mr Buck.  George was my playmate as he was about my age.  Clifton was older.  The Goss women lived downstairs and I remember their making me a little
red jacket and they also gave me a little wicker basket. Mrs Riel called Mary with the accent on the 'a'.  For some reason Father Maurice took me from the Riel's to the Hoeflings.  I can
remember our driving with the horse and buggy to the Hoefling's house and his carrying me in.  I don't know why, but I fought against going in.  This was my new home.  I was now Ophelia
Miriam Malford Roering