Memories of Reunions Past
Margaret Washtock, Mary
Buscher, Carmella Keaveny,
Sophia Hillesheim/Kra
Carmella Keaveny 2nd from
right, Frank Wetch  1st from
right .St Galls Catholic
Church, Tintah, MN October  
2009 Reunion,
Lenore Keaveny Moulsoff,   
Pete & Marg Keaveny, Kevin
Scroggins. Descendants of
Carmella Schend Keaveny
2009 Reunion
Janice Gonsior, Treasurer
2009 Reunion
Christina Baker Kline,
Novelist, Guest Speake
2009 Reunion
Renee Wendinger, President
Mary Buscher 3rd from left
Carmella Keaveny 1st from left
Mary Buscher 5th from left
Mary Buscher,1st from left
Frank Wetch.
(middle)October 1979
Sister Justina 1st from left
Father Bob Schaminda
October 1979
St Galls Catholic Church
- Tintah MN
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Keaveny Lehner at
Irvin Dobis, Helen
Schminda(,Irvin & Helen are
adoptive brother and sister)  
Carmella Caputo Keaveny
Guy DeLeo and his wife
2011 Reunion
Sister Justina,  Helen
Koscianski,Pat Thiessen
2011 Reunion
Pat Thiessen
2011 Reunion
Helen Koscianski
2011 Reunion
Sister Justina
2011 Reunion Keynote
Harvey Ronglein
2011 Reunion -
some of our guests
Ann Schroeder
2012 Reunion
Pat Thiessen
2012 Reunion
Keynote Speaker,
Clark Kidder
2012 Reunion
Our guests,
descendants and
interested persons
2012 Reunion
Brothers Terry & Pete
Keaveny, descendants of
Carmella Caputo Schend
Guests viewing Orphan
rider displays OTR 2012
Helen Koscianski
display OTR 2012
Sister Justina display
OTR 2012
OTR 2013 Celebration
John Shontz  "Orphan Train
Riders - Making
a Difference.   Finding a
Rider's Itinerary
OTR 2013 Celebration
Phil  Lancaster & Alison Moore
telling the Orphan Train story
with slides and music
OTR 2013 Celebration
Descendants telling their
riders stor
To see pictures  and news articles of our 50th Anniversary of Orphan Train Riders
October 2,2010
See History Page 6
Some of our guests at
the 2014 Celebration
Land of Lakes Boys
Choir 2014
John Rys Keynote Speaker on
Genealogy  and DNA 2014
Descendants telling their
stories  2014
OTR 2015  
Irish Dancers
OTR 2015  Keynote Speaker
Sandy Thalmann
OTR 2015  Our guests
OTR 2016 Abby Healy -
OTR 2016 Charlie McGuire -
Entertainment with some of our guests
OTR 2016  Crochet Rug of Orphan Train
OTR 2017  Steve Stark
and Charlotte Endorf
OTR 2017
Our Guests
OTR 2017  
Charlotte Endorf - Presenter
OTR 2017
Steve Stark - Illustrator
OTR 2018 Celebration  our guests
OTR 2018 Nan and Rick Godfrey and their
family celebrating 60 years
OTR 2018  Entertainment  
Spiritwood Music  Donna and
pat Surface with Jeannie and
Rob Kolosky
OTR 2018 Mike Broophy
Genealogist  Keynote Speaker
OTR 2018 Kim and Marcia   busy wiorking
Speaker - Shaley George - Curator NOTC
Entertainer - Dennis Warner
Shaley George and Dennis Warner
Guests at our 2019
Sister Christelle